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Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Spot Corrector
Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Spot CorrectorCorrect visible dark spots, no matter your skin tone. Infused..
Tk. 6,500.00 / $84.50 Tk. 4,000.00 / $52.00
Artistry Ideal Radiance™ UV Protect SPF 50+
Artistry Ideal Radiance™ UV Protect SPF 50+Defend with the ultimate UVB/UVA protection. What’s ..
Tk. 8,600.00 / $111.80 Tk. 5,000.00 / $65.00
Beauty Care Face Massager 5 in 1
Cleaning the face to prepare for applying creams and lotions. Exfoliating of dead skin cells to..
Tk. 330.00 / $4.29
Beauty Care Face Massager 6 in 1
Clean entire face and throat or other areas to be treated with mild cleaner using gentle circul..
Tk. 900.00 / $11.70
Facial Care Face Hair Removal
High definition, long-lasting blade cut hair safely.It is ideal for the facial care!Also, it is suit..
Tk. 300.00 / $3.90
Liquid Neutrogena Facial Cleanser
Liquid Neutrogena Facial Cleanser : 100mlLiquid Neutrogena is a pureclean-rinsing facial cleanser fo..
Tk. 600.00 / $7.80
Max Touch eye shadow & Blusher
Max Touch eye shadow & Blusher (MT-2037)Max Touch 12  eye texture eye shadow NET WT 21..
Tk. 400.00 / $5.20
Nano Spray Moisture Equipment
1.Capacity of the liquid storage tank: 7ml2.Power: 1.5W, built in rechargable lithium-ion battery in..
Tk. 2,350.00 / $30.55
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula 500ml Bonus Size
Rich,luxurious Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy body lotion provides deep hydration ..
Tk. 810.00 / $10.53
Palmers Olive Butter Formula 500ml Bonus Size
Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Lotion has the power to transform your skin. Extra Virgin Olive O..
Tk. 810.00 / $10.53
The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream
The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream is an easily absorbed, hydrating and moisturising cream t..
Tk. 1,480.00 / $19.24
The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Balancing Face Protector
The Body Shop for Men Maca Root Balancing Face Protector 100ml is a balancing moisturiser ..
Tk. 1,125.00 / $14.63
The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Wash
Maca Root For Men Face Wash 125ml/4.2ozFoaming facial wash effectively cleanses skin without over-dr..
Tk. 1,425.00 / $18.53
The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Scalp-soothing shampooWith refreshing ginger root extractA very effective flake-clearingNET WT 400 m..
Tk. 1,250.00 / $16.25
The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo
The shampoo is specially designed for fine hair. Our Rainforest Volume range helps boost volume..
Tk. 870.00 / $11.31
The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel
This lightweight body lotion has a fresh citrus scent. It hydrates skin and leaves it feeling s..
Tk. 700.00 / $9.10
The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash
Cleanse your skin whilst rebalancing moisture levels, with our gentle seaweed face wash. Oil-fr..
Tk. 1,170.00 / $15.21
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Face Wash
Our cool new cleansing sensation is the perfect wake-up call for blemished skin. Use daily for ..
Tk. 975.00 / $12.68
The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub
Infused with pure,organic tea tree oil,our Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub is a daily facial exfol..
Tk. 780.00 / $10.14
The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser
This fresh,lightweight gel formula will give your skin a daily boost of radiance and hydration...
Tk. 2,220.00 / $28.86
Gel based creamy consistencyLight weight formulaHydrating for very dry & combination dry skinDoe..
Tk. 1,275.00 / $16.58
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